Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I want in 2013 and history of our Infertility

I really want to have a baby! That is my number one goal this year. My husband and I have tried since we got married in 2002. It wasnt until recently that we found the problem, and how to remedy the situation.

We started with a Fertility Clinic in October 2011, We thought all we needed to do was to get on some inject-able drugs, do an IUI and we were all set.............WRONG!  When we first went and talked to the clinic, they were very optomistic that everything was fine and maybe i just need some help with making more eggs for a better chance. We ordered all of our shots and other medication that go along with it. My husband went and did his seman analysis, thinking everything was ok, he was devostated when they told him there were no swimmers (as I call sperm) in his sample and the seminal fluid was low too. The clinic then sent him to a urologist for further testing. The urologist also had him do a seman analysis, which resulted in the same conclusion. The next idea the urolgist had was to do a surgery to see if his testies were functioning properly. So he went under the knife, they took a small amount of tissue from both testis and came back to tell us that they function just fine but they said nothing about swimmers, so we assumed they functioned fine just didnt produce. At this point we were stumped as to what could be the problem. He went back to the urologist for a follow up where he was told he could try Clomid, which is normally a drug they give to females for 4-5 days to help with PCOS, this drug for men can help up there testosterone and how much swimmers and the quality of swimmers were produced. For a guy, they have to be on this for 90 days (the time it takes a male body to make swimmers) before they can see any change. 90 days past and the analysis was reapeated. Still the same results. We were devestated. We then took some time to "grieve" that we would never have our own baby.
After some time we decided we were going to do an IUI with donor swimmers. We were able to find a donor that was a very very close match. We talked to the clinic again and we were up and running for our first fertility treatment! We were so excited, and prayed hard that this would work and we would have our miracle baby. They pumped me full of medication, I ended up with 6 good mature eggs and the swimmer sample had 2 million. Once the procedure was over, we were back at our normal life awaiting our blood test 14 days later. 13 LONG days had come and went, finally our blood test day had arrived, we were still excited at this point and couldnt wait to hear the news. The blood test was at 7am, they called around 11am with our results....we weren't pregnant. Here we were back at the point we didnt want to be at. square one.
During our monitoring, it was mentioned to us that we could switch to do an IVF cycle because of how well I responded to the medications and how many eggs I had. We decided not to at that time, but it was in the back of our minds that maybe in the future this was something that we wanted to do.
3 months pass and my husband heads back to his urologist for a check up (he's still on clomid, it helped to even out his moods and he felt "normal" on it again). They like to check up on patients that have been on clomid for quite some time, because it can cause problems with your kidneys. During his check up, it was mentioned to us that we could have my hubby go through another surgery to see if his tissue was actually producing swimmers or not. This was a shock to us, we thought that was already done and we thought he didn't make any. When we herd that, we jumped on that opportunity. Within two weeks he had the surgery done, and I remember being in the waiting room and getting the call with the results. HE MADE SWIMMERS!!!!! WHAT!!!! That was absolutely AMAZING!!!!! They also pumped dye through his vas deferens, which is how they found that they were not fully developed and we were told it was a birth defect. At hubby's one week check up from his surgery, the urologist told us that there was a procedure that could be done, to go in and take some tissue from the testis and retrieve the swimmers. We were elated!!!!

With this new information, we were ready to do an IVF cycle. How ever we had to get the money to do we were willing to do so. Everything came together mid October 2012. We had most of the meds we needed, and they ordered the ones we didn't have, by the end of October they were pumping me full of meds again. On the day of my egg retrieval, they collected 22 eggs. 18 were mature and 13 fertilized. I then came home and rested for a few days (5 to be exact). Those medications made me quite ill but it was all worth it. On the 5th day we went back and transferred 3 fresh embryos. We were hopeful once again. I think more this time then before. we only had to wait 9 days for our beta test. I did take 5 home pregnancy tests and all of them came back negative and I cried at everyone, but they said you could trust the positive but dont trust the negatives. So same scenario as before, 7am blood test 11am phone call.....with the same bad news. Hearing those words "I'm sorry to have to tell you, it came back negative" just crushed me. I cried for days. My husband is so supportive, always reassuring me we would get pregnant, its going to happen for us. He is so amazing! We decided to have the rest of our embryos frozen to keep for later use. In December 2012 we decided to do a frozen embryo transfer (FET). This was the easiest cycle of them all. No monitoring every other day. I just took a pill to thicken my lining and was checked twice in 2 weeks, then sent off to get implanted. This time we chose to transfer 2 embryos. I had such a good feeling about this working. Same thing, wait 9 days and go for our beta. This time we had promised our selves not to take any pregnancy tests. We were just going to wait for our beta. Well the night before our beta we had a test left from last time and we decided I would take it. I went into the bathroom, followed the directions on the test, brought it to my eyes.............WE WERE PREGNANT!!!!!!! OMG the moment we had wait for, for so long! omg i was shaking, and crying and really I lost it, Im not gonna lie. We were so happy! when we went for our beta this time, we already knew the out come. This time i didnt get the phone call until 1pm with the same draw time as the other two times.
Getting that phone call to say yes you're pregnant put me on top of the world, From here on out we thought we would be on the best journey of our lives.

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